Company History

In 2017 Medsmith International was founded in Pakistan. The company’s founded pillars were Mr. Abdul Razzak with a diversified experience of medical industry & Mr. Minhas Ahmed working as an Export manager with having a great knowledge of surgical instruments and specialize of understanding market needs.


More than 200 employees who are expert in producing instruments for General, Ophthalmic, Micro, and Laparoscopic, Urology, Sterilization cases, and more with the state of the art production plant in Sialkot, Pakistan. We offer the widest range of instruments available, with double sterile packaging as per requirement and based on in-stock availability in most cases. We offer overnight shipping upon request, professional clearing services & support to our clients for ultimate satisfaction and cost savings.


Medsmith International is not only committed to provide quality products but also we are providing our clients best possible strategies with our enthusiastic marketing team to boost up their business more efficiently by offering the highest quality in challenging cost. Our 24/7 nonstop high volume of production reduces cost and provides us freedom to offer our clients challenging rates with best qualities in the market.


The product range consists of high quality Forceps, Scissors, Needles Holders and laparoscopic instruments for use in operating theatres and outpatient departments. Our products are custom made according to the requirements of our clients. Our high standards of production and packaging are reflected throughout the company and enhance manufacturing sites which are certified ISO9001 and ISO13485, with proper quality inspection and quality assurance department lead by professional. We strictly focused on the process of packaging, printing & sterilization of the product before supplying to the end user.

Our Specialties


  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Instruments
  • Cardiovascular Instruments
  • Neuro Surgery Instruments
  • Arthroscopy and Orthopedic Instruments
  • General Surgery Instruments
  • Micro Instruments
  • Complete In-House Surgical Instrument Repairs including: Instruments, Cameras, Power Tools, and Scopes


Surgical Instruments

Our state of the art facility of production and packaging with proper standards of ISO 9001 adds value and gives our clients a freedom of trust.

Disposable Items

The current requirements of Medical Instruments industry disposable instruments are challenging. Medsmith provides all kinds of disposable instruments with certified sterile packaging and with auto destructive option.

Surgical Devices

Medsmith deals widely in the field of Electrosurgical Devices, our main products are Ultrasound Machines, ICU Setups, Live saving equipment’s and more according to the requirements of a customer.

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